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Extract from Little Tyke -The True Story of a Gentle Vegetarian Lioness

Chapter: Charge!

Tyke loved music, especially when I attempted to play the piano and sing. Even as a young cub, as well as when she was full grown, she would sit on the carpet beside me. First she would purr and then whine, and eventually she would raise her mighty head and sing along. Have you ever tried to sing above the roar of a lion – “singing” that would  vibrate through our club room? Impossible.

She was addicted to watching television, and her favorites were westerns. She would sit through a two-hour western and never leave the set except for interruptions which aroused her curiosity. She must have been fascinated by the horses and cattle which she could identify since she was raised on a ranch.

One day a friend who had recently returned from an African filming expedition asked if he could come over and show us his film. We agreed. The projector and screen were set in place and the movie commenced, with Little Tyke looking on curiously. After all, the screen was much larger and more life-like than T.V.

The film was beautiful, but the unexpected was about to happen. A scene appeared in the movie in which a herd of elephants charged the camera crew. In an instant Tyke’s ears flattened, her lips curled exposing her large teeth, and with one mighty leap she hit the screen. She looked bewildered – where had the elephants gone? After a brief moment of shock, we lost our composure and burst out laughing. I guess the gentle lion was going to protect us from those charging beasts. Instead there lay a very crumpled movie screen.


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David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., in his profound "POWER vs FORCE, AN ANATOMY OF CONSCIOUSNESS" (based upon kinesiological muscle testing) writes that the energy of feelings can actually be measured (and states of consciousness such as love, fear, courage, joy can be calibrated on a scale from 1 to 1,000) and that the energy of love etc. is x times more powerful than the energy of less positive feelings, and hence able to counterbalance the latter many times over.
After conducting tens of thousands of kinesiological measurements, Dr. Hawkins has created a "map of consciousness" (downloadable from the Internet), depicting levels of consciousness and feeling according to their “vibrational level”.
Here are a few (sometimes paraphrased) quotes from POWER vs FORCE:

  • The energy of  human thought, though minute, is nonetheless absolutely measurable (in microwatts).
  • The difference in power between a loving thought (10 to the power of -35 million megawatts) and a fearful thought (10 to the power of -750 million megawatts) is so enormous as to be beyond the capacity of the human imagination to comprehend...even a few loving thoughts during the course of the day more than counterbalance all of our negative thoughts.
  • Although only 15% of the world's population is above the critical consciousness level of 200 (the level of integrity), the collective power of that 15 percent has the weight to counterbalance the negativity of the remaining 85%.
  • One person at level 300 counterbalances 90,000 below 200; one person at 700 counterbalances 70 million below 200.
  • A single avatar at a consciousness level of 1,000 can totally counterbalance the collective negativity of all mankind.
  • Twelve individuals at level 700 equal  one avatar at 1000. (There are currently 12 persons on the planet who calibrate at 700.)
  • ...an unusual book, acclaimed by Nobelists and world leaders, described by experts as 'breathtaking' and it spearheads a major paradigm jump in human knowledge.
    It is roughly akin to the discoveries of Leeuwenhoek (Microscope) or Galileo (Telescope) in which simple instruments revealed new universes and a shift of paradigm about the nature of reality.
  • Similar to other works on kinesiology, Dr. Hawkins’ book also describes how we are apparently able to find out the truth about anything and anyone using muscle testing, since each person already “knows” these truths (for instance on the muscular level), with just our rational mind often being too “blindfolded” or prejudiced to perceive it directly (the only condition being that we ourselves test above the integrity level of 200). This is an invaluable tool such as when searching for answers to everyday questions and options. (see also www.powervsforce.com)

    Special note: also see this article debunking (?) Dr. Hawkins’ claims in Power vs Force:


    Dowsing for God— Critique of Power vs Force by David Hawkins

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    Excerpts from Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding:

    [About the Masters:]
    Their work is accomplished without ostentation and in perfect childlike simplicity. They know the power of love to protect them and they cultivate it until all nature is in love with them and befriends them. Thousands of the common people are killed annually by serpents and wild animals, yet these Masters have so brought forth the power of love in themselves that serpents and wild animals do not injure them. They live at times in the wildest jungles, and sometimes lay their bodies down before a village to protect it from the ravages of wild animals, and no harm befalls the village or themselves. When occasion requires they walk on water, go through fire, travel in the invisible, and do many other things that we have been accustomed to look upon as miracles performed only by one supposed in some way to possess supernatural powers.
    There is a striking resemblance between the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth and those of these Masters as exemplified in their daily life. It has been thought impossible for man to derive his daily supply directly from the Universal, to overcome death and to perform the various so-called miracles that Jesus performed while on earth. The Masters prove that all these are their daily life. They supply everything needed for their daily wants directly from the Universal, including food, clothing and money. They have so far overcome death that many of them now living are over five hundred years of age, as was conclusively proved by their records.
    There are comparatively few of these Masters in India, other cults seeming to be but offshoots of their teaching. They realize their number is limited and that only a few scholars can come to them. In the invisible, however, they can reach almost unlimited numbers and it seems to be the greater work of their lives to reach out into the invisible and help all who are receptive to their teaching.

    [The Masters on Jesus:]
    "We are fully convinced and we hope you also will see that this Great Master and Teacher came to us that we might have a fuller understanding of life here on earth; that all mortal limitations are but man-made and in no other way should they be interpreted. We know that this greatest of all teachers came to show more fully that the Christ in Him and through whom He did His mighty works is the same Christ that lives in you, in me, and in all mankind; that we can, by applying His teachings, do all the works that He did and greater works. We believe that Jesus came to show more fully that God is the one great and only Cause of all things, that God is All.”

    [The Masters on eternal youth and life:]
    “The life reactions of plant and man being alike, man can certainly profit by the experience of the plant. As the leaves and buds at the tips of the branches of the oldest banyan are as young as the seed whence it sprang, even so the group cells in man forming his body, need not gradually lose their vitality and die, but may grow young and evergreen as the ovum or individual cell itself. Indeed, there is no reason why your body should not grow as young and vital as the vital seed from which it sprang. The ever-spreading banyan, always a symbol of everlasting life, does not die except through accident. No natural law of decay, no old age process seems to exist within the banyan tree to affect injuriously the vital energy of its cells. The same is true of the human form divine.
    "There is no natural law of death or decay for man, except through accident. No inevitable old age process exists within his body or group cells—nothing that can gradually paralyze the individual. Death is, then, an avoidable accident. Disease is, above all, dis-ease, absence of ease or Santi—sweet, joyous peace of the spirit reflected through the mind in the body. Senile decay, which is the common experience of man, is but an expression that covers his ignorance of cause, certain disease conditions of mind and body. Even accidents are preventable by appropriate mental attitude. Says the Siddha: ‘The tone of the body may be so preserved that it may naturally resist with ease infectious and other disease, like plague and influenza.’ The Siddha may swallow germs and never develop disease at all.
    "Remember that youth is God’s seed of love planted in the human form divine. Indeed, youth is the divinity within man; youth is the life spiritual—the life beautiful. It is only life that lives and loves—the one life eternal. Age is unspiritual, mortal, ugly, unreal. Fear thoughts, pain thoughts, and grief thoughts create the ugliness called old age. Joyous thoughts, love thoughts, and ideal thoughts create the beauty called youth. Age is but a shell within which lies the gem of reality—the jewel of youth.
    "Practice acquiring the consciousness of childhood. Visualize the Divine Child within. Before falling asleep suggest to your consciousness, ‘I now realize that there is within me a spiritual joy-body ever young, ever beautiful. I have beautiful, spiritual mind, eyes, nose, mouth, skin—the body of the Divine Infant, which now, tonight, is perfect.’ Repeat this affirmation and meditate upon it quietly while falling asleep. Upon rising in the morning suggest to yourself aloud, ‘Well, dear (addressing yourself by name), there is a divine alchemist within.’ By the spiritual power of these affirmations during the night a transmutation takes place and the unfolding from within, the Spirit, has saturated this spiritual body and spiritual temple. The inner alchemist has caused dead and worn-out cells to fall and the gold of new skin to appear with perpetual health and loveliness. Truly divine Love in demonstration is eternal youth. The divine alchemist is within my temple, constantly coining new and beautiful baby cells. The spirit of youth is within my temple—this human form divine, and all is well. Om Santi! Santi! Santi! (Peace! Peace! Peace!)
    "Learn to smile in the sweet way of a child. A smile from the soul is spiritual relaxation. A real smile is a thing of true beauty, the artistic work of the ‘Inner Ruler Immortal.’ It is well to affirm—’I think a kind thought for all the world. May all the world be happy and blest.’ Affirm before taking up the work for the day—’Within me there is a perfect form—the form Divine. I am now all that I desire to be! I visualize daily my beautiful being until I breathe it into expression! I am a Divine Child, all my needs are being now and forever supplied!’"
    "Learn to thrill yourself. Affirm, ‘Infinite Love fills my mind and thrills my body with its perfect life.’ Make everything bright and beautiful about you. Cultivate a spirit of humor. Enjoy the sunshine.”

    [The Masters on prayer, love and God:]
    "Does life press heavily upon you? Do you need courage and strength to meet the problems that confront you? Are you sick or afraid? If so, lift your heart and pray to Him who leads the way. The imperishable love of God enfolds you. You need not fear. Did He not say, ‘Before they call I will answer and while they are yet speaking I will hear’? Approach this throne of grace boldly, not as you have thought of beseaching and groveling attitude, but with the prayer of understanding faith, knowing that the help you stand in need of is already yours. Never doubt. Do more—ask. Claim your birthright as the child of the living God, as Jesus did. Know that in the Invisible, Universal Substance, in which we all live and move and have our being, is every good and perfect thing that man can desire, waiting to be drawn forth by faith into visible form or manifestation. Read in your own great Book what Paul says of love in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13, using the word, ‘love,’ instead of charity, as was intended.
    "Consider Solomon, when in the night of his experience he allowed his radiant love nature to expand to that universal plane of consciousness where he asked to be of service and not for self. This brought to him wealth untold and added to this was life and honor beyond his power to ask. He recognized the wisdom of Love and Love released its boundless wealth upon him. ‘Silver was counted as naught in the days of Solomon.’ Even the drinking vessels of this mighty king of love were of pure gold.
    "To love is to release God’s unlimited storehouse of golden treasure. If we love we cannot help giving, and to give is to gain, and the law of love is fulfilled. Then, by giving, we set in operation the unfailing law of measure for measure. With no thought of receiving, it is impossible to avoid receiving, for the abundance you have given is returned to you in fulfillment of the law, ‘Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, shall men give unto your bosom. For with the same measure that you mete, withal, it shall be measured to you again.’
    "If we work in the spirit of love, we must have God present in consciousness. To be one with Life, Love, and Wisdom, is to consciously contact. To consciously contact God is to have abundance pressed upon us the same as abundance of food has been pressed upon us tonight. You see there is an abundance for all and none need want in the presence of God’s abundance. This thought of abundance must lift the mind far beyond the bounds of limitation. To conceive abundance, one must relinquish all thoughts of things in particular. This concept is so large that it will not permit the thought of detail. To hold it in mind, consciousness must swing far out into the Universal and revel in the joyousness of perfect freedom. This freedom must, however, not be taken for license, for we are held responsible for every thought, every act. Our consciousness cannot attain to this freedom in an instant. The breaking of the last vestige of limitation may be accomplished in an instant but the preparation for the glorious event has gone before; the preparation in minutest detail has been accomplished from within, just as every petal of a flower is perfected in every detail within the bud. When the perfection is complete, the bud bursts its sepal shell and the flower comes forth beautiful. Just so man must break the shell of self before he can come forth.
    "God’s laws are changeless, the same as they have ever been. While they are immutable, they are beneficent, for they are good. When we live in conformity to them, they become the very foundation stones on which we build our health, our happiness, our peace and poise, our success and attainment. If we abide fully in God’s law, no evil can befall us. We do not need to be healed. We are every whit whole.
    "How well we realize that in the great heart of humanity there is a deep homesickness which never can be satisfied with anything less than a clear consciousness or understanding of God, our Father. We recognize this hunger as hearts cry after God. There is nothing the human soul so longs for as to know God, ‘Whom to know aright is life eternal.’ We see people ever shifting from one thing to another, hoping they will find satisfaction or rest in some accomplishment or in the possession of some limited, mortal desire. We see them pursuing and gaining these things only to find themselves still unsatisfied. Some fancy they want houses and lands; some, great wealth; and some, great learning. We are privileged to know that man has all these things within himself. Jesus, the Great Master, attempted to have all see this. How we do love Him! He stands out so beautifully triumphant because of His attainments. We love all who have reached the heights or high places in consciousness that Jesus has. We not only love them for their attainments but because of what they really are.
    "Jesus never allowed Himself to dwell in the external after His illumination. He always kept His thoughts at the central part of His being, which is the Christ. In Jesus, the Christ or Central Spark which is God in us all, living in everyone today, was drawn forth to show itself perfectly ruling the material body or flesh man. It is in this way that He did all His mighty works, not because He was in some way different from you. He had no greater power than all have today. He was not in some way a Son of God and we only servants of God. He did these works because this same Divine Spark, which the Father has implanted in every child born, was fanned into a brighter flame by His own efforts in holding Himself in conscious communion with God Himself, the source of all Life, Love, and Power.

    [The Masters on the protective power of ubiquitous God:]
    "Peace, health, love, joy and prosperity are here. These are the fruits of the Spirit, the gifts of God. If we look unto God, no harm can befall us, no evil can come nigh us. If we look to Him wholly, we are healed of our infirmities, in the transcendent name of the Law, or Jesus.
    "God is in the midst of you, child of infinite, immortal Spirit. There is naught to make you tremble or despair, naught to make you fear. From the bosom of the Father you came; the breath of Almighty God created you a living soul. ‘Before Abraham was, you were. Beloved now are we Sons of God, joint heirs with Christ.’ The same power is in you that is in Jesus. This is called the mantle of the Spirit. With the right concept of this, it is found that there is no decay, no disease, no accident, no death, nothing that can take your life in any way. You can draw this mantle so closely around you that nothing can penetrate it, nothing can touch you. All the destructive agencies or forces ever created by man may be directed at you; yet you will come forth unharmed. If by any chance the outer form should be destroyed, it would immediately return as spiritual in the same form. This is an armor better than any armor plate ever devised by man and you can use it at all times without money and without price. You can stand forth as you are, the child of the living God.

    [The Masters on the universal force:]
    "The warmth that you feel in this room comes from a force that we are all able to contact and use. This force or power is higher than any of your mechanical force or power but can be contacted by man and used as light, heat, and power even to the driving of all mechanical appliances. It is what we call a universal force. If you were to contact and use this force, you would call it perpetual motion. We call it Universal Power, God Power, supplied by the Father to work for all His children. It will turn and move every mechanical device, furnish transportation without the consumption of fuel in any way, and will also furnish light and heat. It is everywhere present without money or price and can be contacted and used by all."
    One of our party asked if the food had been prepared by this force. We were told that the food came prepared as we had eaten it, direct from the Universal, just the same as the bread and the other provisions had been supplied heretofore.

    [The Masters on contact with God:]
    Thus, when we wish to come in contact with God, we do not think of something away from us and difficult to attain. All we need know is that God is within as well as all about us and that we are consciously within the presence of God and are present in God and in command with full power.

    [The Masters on the greatest attribute of God:]
    "The Tree of Life is located in the midst of the paradise of God, the very depth of our own soul, and the rich, abundant fruit that grows and ripens to the fullest perfection, the most perfect and life-giving, is Love. Love has been defined by those who perceive its true character as the greatest thing in the world. I might add that it is the greatest thing in the world. I might add that it is the greatest healing force in the world. Love never fails to meet every demand of the human heart. The Divine Principle of Love may be used to eliminate every sorrow, every infirmity, every harsh condition, and every lack that harasses humanity. With the right understanding and use of the subtle and illimitable influence of love, the world may be healed of its wounds and the sweet mantle of its heavenly compassion may cover all inharmony, all ignorance, and all mistakes of mankind.
    "With wings outstretched, Love searches out the arid spots of the human heart, the waste places of life, and with seeming magic touch redeems humanity and transforms the world. Love is God, eternal, limitless, changeless, going beyond all visions into infinitude. The end we can only envision. Love fulfills the law of its own, consummates its perfect work, and reveals the Christ within the soul of man. Love is ever seeking an inlet whereby it may flow forth into the soul of man and pour itself out as all good to him. If it is not disturbed by man’s perversity and discordant thinking, God’s eternal, changeless current of love flows ever onward, carrying before it, into the great universal sea of forgetfulness, every appearance of inharmony or ugliness which disturbs the peace of man. Love is the perfect fruit of the Spirit; it goes forth, binding up the wounds of humanity, drawing nations into closer harmony, and bringing peace and prosperity to the world. It is the very pulse of the world, the heartbeat of the universe. Humanity must be charged with this current of love from the great Omnipresent Life if it would do the works of Jesus.”

    (Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East can at least partially be found online.)