Welcome to the ParadiseNow.net Beauty Page!

Here are some pictures matching the theme of this site. They have been created using an extraordinary “plug-in” freeware program which works with Winamp and which - while you listen to music - will create the most beautiful flowing patterns and pictures, whisking you to a world of magic and beauty...

These are just a few (reduced-size-and-detail) samples of the magic and literally infinite variety you may expect... (click on any of the pictures on this page to view or download them full-size). It seems to me that the more beautiful the music, the more astounding the pictures created...

Download Acidspunk

a fullscreen visualization plug-in for Winamp developed by Sø ren Holstebroe.


Hints for running Acidspunk

Insert music CD, open Winamp.
Right click anywhere within the Winamp window except on dedicated buttons and within the Playlist window.
Select “Visualisation” -> Start/Stop plug-in

Acidspunk starts displaying continuously shifting patterns. You can preserve the most beautiful ones by pressing the PrtSc button, i.e. by making screen shots. They will be stored in high-detail bmp format.