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Here are some titles (among many excellent ones I could also include) that have my wholehearted recommendation. I have established a partnership with Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and Amazon.ca who are renowned for their excellent service and discount prices (as if they still needed a plug ;-. Incidentally I  don’t support Amazon.de any longer due to unethical behaviour on their part).

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S p i r i t u a l

A richly illustrated and very moving true-life story (it made me laugh and cry in turn) which also provides the motto and mascot for paradisenow.net: the story of a lioness who came to earth a few years ago to show that strength can (and should) be used only to protect the weak. “Little Tyke” was, unlikely as it sounds, a voluntary vegetarian and has thus shown that paradise on earth where everyone lets everyone live in peace and happiness need not be utopian or remain a dream.
For another “inspiring true story of the transformation of some predatory animals' consciousness from fear and hostility to harmony”, read
“How 'Natural Enemies' Can Become Best Friends” .

LIFE AND TEACHINGS LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF THE MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST by Baird T. Spalding: 6 Volume Set. Readers describe it as “changing my life forever”, “the truth”, “the only books you will ever need”, ”one of the best spiritual books I've ever read”. Originally published in 1935, it recounts the author’s voyage through the Far East and his encounters with spiritual beings who reveal and activately demonstrate the laws and love of God, which when applied will allow every human to reach their full divine potential including physical immortality as long as incarnation is desired. Excerpts available here.

A beautiful and helpful book (as are all works by Sanaya Roman who channels an entity named Orin), full of loving advice on how to deal with major and minor challenges in daily and not-so-daily life. Just reading it lifts one’s spirit, and applying it even more :-). See
here for 850+ affirmations and excerpts sampled from Living With Joy and other Orin books , together with a great affirmations display program (allowing you to run any affirmations on-screen). I owe Orin, who for me is the most love-and-light-orientated entity I know, a huge debt of gratitude for the help his work has given me in my life.

reviewed by Ulla, paradisenow.net, © 2004
Mahatma Gandhi says, "The pure unadulterated love of one person can nullify the hatred of millions", and Orin writes, "One high loving thought cancels thousands of a lower nature." Here is the fascinating, scientifically-based proof of the above...


C o n s c i o u s n e s s

A stunning and fascinating must-read replete with scientifically corroborated testimonials to the power of belief (placebo effect) and the holographic nature of both the “physical” universe and our minds and bodies, including what looks like proof that time is an illusion which rests (like possibly everything) on mere perception.

Talbot’s book is based both on Karl Pribram’s neurophysiological theories regarding the holographic nature and functioning of the human brain and the cosmological model (implicit order etc.) drawn up by physicist David Bohm. Based upon these newer, somewhat controversial scientific theories regarding the holographic nature of reality, his book endeavours to  explain numerous parapsychological and other fringe phenomena which had been largely inexplicable to this point: things such as telepathy, psychokinesis, materialisations, precognition, placebo effect and spontaneous healings, reincarnation, time travel, multiple futures, parallel worlds etc. - all phenomena which begin to make sense using the holographic world theory.

S o c i a l

Dude Where Is Your Country"Dude Where Is Your Country" by Michael Moore
is the only book by him that I have read so far... jam-packed with proven facts on US social and political truths* (c. 20% of its pages are devoted to a thorough listing of irrefutable sources), its main aim is to help remove Bush from office... The chapter "How to talk to your conservative brother-in-law" gives many ideas... very heartening also the reader’s testimonial of a former Conservative who writes “I got this from a fellow Republican as a gag Christmas gift. I was going on a plane ride, and didn't have anything to read, so I grabbed it, figuring I'd get a few laughs out of it. I was a huge Fox News fan, and I was prepared for Moore's lies and manipulation, but 100 pages in, I started to question my own beliefs. When I got off the plane, I had some questions, but they had to be double checked. I know what Moore is capable of, or at last I thought I knew. A cross-checking turned up almost nothing but information backing up Moore's claims! I feel like I've been duped by my own kind. There's no way I'm voting for Bush this time around. --.”
*Did you know for instance that the richest CEOs in the UK receive 18% as much as the average worker, in Germany 15% and in the USA 40% !!!! Similar injustices apply to the fiscal system etc.

Downsize ThisDownsize This!: Random Threats from an Unarmed American
by Michael Moore
From Amazon.com: Who says the left wing doesn't have a sense of humor? Maybe it doesn't, but documentarian Michael Moore sure does--Exhibit A wasRoger & Me; B was the ill-fated TV Nation; and C is 1997's print skirmish Downsize This! Moore's politics are rabidly liberal, populist, and anti-big business--about what you'd expect from the former editor of Mother Jones. While this restricts his audience to Americans on the left side of the aisle, for them Downsize This! will be a chance to point and laugh hysterically (if ruefully) at the clique of rich white guys who run everything.
Moore is at his best as a prankster, whether it's trying to see if Pat Buchanan will take a campaign donation from the John Wayne Gacy Fan Club (yes) or whether he can have Bob Dornan committed to an insane asylum based on his bizarre behavior (no, but it was close). Moore is one of our sharpest satirists, and Downsize This! makes one wish he would write a "Sorry State of the Union" every year. But only if it doesn't cut into his moviemaking--that's too big a price to pay. --Michael Gerber

Stupid White MenStupid White Men: And Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!
From Amazon.co.uk:
Stupid White Men, Michael Moore's screed against "Thief-in-Chief" George Bush's power elite, hit No. 1 at Amazon.com within days of publication. Why? It's as fulminating and crammed with infuriating facts as any right-wing bestseller, as irreverent as The Onion, and as noisily entertaining as a wrestling smackdown. Moore offers a more interesting critique of the 2000 election than Ralph Nader's Crashing the Party (he argued with Nader, his old boss, who sacked him), and he's serious when he advocates ousting Bush. But Moore's rage is outrageous, couched in shameless gags and madcap comedy: "Old white men wielding martinis and wearing dickies have occupied our nation's capital.... Launch the SCUD missiles! Bring us the head of Antonin Scalia!... We are no longer [able] to hold free and fair elections. We need U.N. observers, U.N. troops". Moore's ideas range from on-the-money (Arafat should beat Sharon with Gandhi's non-violent shame tactics) to over-the-top: blacks should put inflatable white dolls in their cars so racist cops will think they're chauffeurs; the ever-more-Republicanesque Democratic Party should be sued for fraud; "no contributions toward advancing our civilization ever came out of the South [except Faulkner, Hellman, and R.J. Reynolds]," because it's too hot to think straight there; Korean dictator Kim Jong-il "has got to broaden himself beyond porn and John Wayne" by watching better movies, like Dude, Where's My Car? (which contains "all you need to know about America"). Whatever your politics, Stupid White Men should make you blow your stack.--Tim Appelo

H e a l t h

reviewed by Ulla, paradisenow.net
An eye-opener as to the importance and curative/health-maintaining value of natural full-spectrum light. Skin and other cancers may be due to other factors than those strongly promoted by the mainstream (or to a combination of factors) such as long-term exposure to neon and other artificial lighting, the use of chemical-laden sun lotions, various deficiencies incl. long-term underhydration, etc. This and much more (including the early detection and healing of cancer) is discussed in this truly ground-breaking work on light and health.

A Wholistic Eating & Self-Healing Guide by Shelley Summers
Apart from a loving and positive attitude towards yourself and others, few influences seem to be more decisive for maintaining or regaining health than diet and lifestyle. I loved the title due to its obvious relevancy to the theme of paradisenow.net. Readers of the book say “This guide helps you find foods, herbs and vitamins to create an internal environment for self-healing for your specific health needs.”
and “I've tried numerous alternatives to improve my health and happiness and this is the only one that really worked. It's a great book. Shelley provides a fun and sensible approach to allow your body to heal itself. This is a fantastic healing tool! I love it!”



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