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Love thy neighbor as thyself.~Jesus
Hate is never conquered by hate. Hate is conquered by love.~Buddha
Requite evil w/ good & he who’s your enemy will become your dearest friend.
~ Mohammed

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Paradise Now: Why and How

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The  Law  of   One






A continually expanding forum dedicated to some of the best in spiritual writing. Among many other subjects, Esolibris explores the themes of science and spirituality, nature of reality and consciousness, dimensional travelling, God/creator, angels and spirit guides, death and afterlife, anthroposophy and mind & body healing. Spiritual authors are invited to publish their own texts for free. Come and be inspired by the many high-calibre spiritual articles and works reviewed here.

Cancer is healable!
A very extensive site (unsolicited visitor’s comment: “the best I've seen on this subject ever”) offering extensive Self-Health tools with particular focus on alternative cancer therapies and cures. Aiming to provide
an all-round holistic healing and health maintenance approach and thus of interest to anyone interested in natural health care, it covers natural cancer therapies with high success rates, the impact of emotions, thoughts, spirituality (incl. “karmic” aspects) and “life energy” on disease development and healing, spontaneous remissions, energetic studies into cancer (sounds, “aura”, “Chi” etc.), geopathic stress and cancer,  cancer causes, the history of the cancer industry, juicers, nutrition, detoxification, the healing power of nature, as well as many tools for healing through the power of your mind such as affirmations, visualization, guided imagery etc. It also features detailed reasons why alternative cancer treatment may be vastly preferable to the conventional approach. Packed with amazing real-life healing stories, it also includes over 10 MB of cancer therapy and healing information in zip format for download as well as much other vital and hard-to-find healing-related information. Also features guides and books on alternative cancer therapy. Highly recommended for anyone with a cancer diagnosis or just interested in natural health maintenance.

A large amount of quotes by Seth (channelled by Jane Roberts) for download, together with a complete listing of currently available Seth-related titles, thoughts on channelling, an example of desire fulfillment achieved instantly, “thoughts create reality” links etc.

Beautiful love and light affirmations by Orin (channeled by Sanaya Roman) and others for download (personal use only). Going with it: a super affirmations flasher (© 2006 by Rick Xavier) who shares it as Freeware. This (individually adjustable) program allows one for instance to have one’s own affirmations flash onscreen continuously, thus bathing the mind as long as desired in the positive thoughts of one’s choice!

Also featured: a list of all available Orin titles plus long excerpts, fascinating personal spiritual experiences with or relating to the Orin material, Orin and Edgar Cayce extracts (advice) on the question of how to best help others and oneself, ”Light As Healer” Meditation: Mystic Max Prantl On The Inner Sun As The Key to the Doorway Leading into the Eternal Sun, as well as many personal experiences with possibly larger implications such as:

Helping Others: advice and personal experiences, particularly how to best handle beggars in the street: is giving money and other help always for the highest good of all concerned? When help is disempowering. On the role of money and achieving balance between service to others and service to self.

Energetic connection to plants

Being healed in a dream (on “higher” and “lower” vibrations)

On using tarot cards guidance


Teeth are living organisms amenable to diet, emotions and mental, energetic and spiritual factors. While conventional dentistry treatment and oral hygiene products “as usual” tend to seriously damage teeth and gums, there are many ways you can look after your dental health to both prevent any further damage, heal your gums and even reverse tooth decay and refill cavities, which ideally will allow you to become dentally self-sufficient. A site of 100+ pages covering in detail the fact that teeth and gums can (and in my view optimally should) be self-treated using natural, nontoxic and “holistic” means, rather than being submitted to invasive surgery and toxic treatments as practiced by modern dentistry as well as noxious chemicals hidden in conventional oral “care” products. Includes many dozens of toothache and other dental remedies, including one I personally found virtually fail-safe.

Inspiring messages channeled by Cynthia Rose Young from the “angelic dimension”. You’ll find a beautiful 28 Day Meditation, essays on Emotional Healing plus Exercises, “ The Angels’ Instructions on Contacting Them”, an “Angel Letter”, Techniques on how to work with the angels (“Angel conference”) and the Tibetan Exercise of Paradox designed to help reestablish whole-brain thinking. Includes personal experiences and notes: as with all channelled material, it may be wise (in fact it is most highly recommended) to always use your discernment.


Under construction: a non-profit click-to-help site centering on the Euro zone. Every click (free for the visitor) directly contributes to the provision of food to emergency areas. The lion’s share goes to support projects and organisations  which provide help geared to allow people to help themselves and which have been awarded the DZI Spendensiegel, an official stamp of approval awarded to trustworthy non-profit organisations only. .


Under construction: texts relating to the work and discoveries of the brilliant psychotherapist and “paradise bringer” Wilhelm Reich submitted with immense gratitude for his contribution to my life.



Background information on ParadiseNow.net

The name and the picture found on the opening page contain a message, of course: Paradise Now would like to contribute tools to the creation of “Paradise on Earth”, both in the personal, social and ecological sense of the term (a bit of paradise can’t be a bad idea?! ;-).

This picture is based on a very moving true-life story: the story of a lioness who came to earth a few years ago to show that strength can (and should) be used only to protect the weak. “Little Tyke” was a (voluntary!) vegetarian from birth and has thus shown that paradise on earth where everyone lets everyone live in peace and happiness need not be utopian or remain a dream. Little Tyke’s story in a nutshell can be found here, or her wonder-filled complete story in the richly illustrated book (which has made me laugh and cry in turn...). Excerpt

For another “inspiring true story of the transformation of some predatory animals' consciousness from fear and hostility to harmony”, read “How 'Natural Enemies' Can Become Best Friends”.

ParadiseNow is an ongoing venture - as we create our personal paradise, we will continue to share the things we are learning with you. And we invite you to share what you have learned with us!

Love and Peace
(what else?! ;-)

One Is All
All Is One




The Law of One

The Law of One is a prayer which was given to Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser and which expresses the concept that we are all one with another and that what we do to others we do to ourselves. Cynthia writes that “It is the original law of the universe, and is the Law of Laws. It can be used to override all lesser laws”.

...now even if it weren’t true that at some level, we are all one with another - what better belief could there be than that? As soon as a person sees him or herself in every other being - would they still want to hurt anyone? Of course not, since they would only be hurting themselves... And you know what? This “being the other person” is exactly what a number of people have reported after coming back from a near-death experience (NDE): in their life review, they had to take on the role and to experience all the feelings of everyone they had ever interacted with - as if they were that person (see Lessons from the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience)...

Now here is the Law of One prayer:

We are all one.
When one is harmed, all are harmed.
When one is helped, all are helped.
Therefore, IN THE NAME OF WHO I AM, and I am one with all masters, saints, and prophets, all beings, and with the Christ;
Happen here.
I give thanks that this is done.
So be it.

© The Law of One: Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser

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