Hi, my name is Ulla and I am a trained language professional of eclectic educational background formerly gaining her daily peanuts as translator/proofreader and now as webdesigner and publisher of my own sites in English, German and French. With my feet firmly planted in the clouds, I have been a voracious reader from a child and emotionally engaged in “world-saving” (i.e. social followed by environmentalist and animal activism) since I first read about the concepts. Besides gardens, music, yummy vegetarian (preferably vegan) cuisine, beautiful sparkling things, the sun and the sky in its ever-changing beauty, joking and watching funny stuff, I am deeply interested in finding the answers to the deepest questions of the universe - as probably many seekers after truth, I started searching for these answers (including the answer to the ambitious question “how do I save the world?” :-) when the sledgehammer of pain (karmically caused/chosen, as I believe) started hitting me over the head early on nearly “knocking me out for good” (but then all is well which ends well ;-)... I also remember the feeling of living in paradise in my first two years on earth...


My interest in all matters related to health and healing of body, mind and planet has made me investigate in-depth the fields of nutrition, ecology, animal rights, consciousness research, “nature of reality” and natural, alternative, energetic and spiritual healing modalities.

I also walk my talk and live simply, sustainably and nutrition-wise nearly 100% organically, without a car, refrigerator, washing machine, health or other insurance, meat, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs... I do have a PC, however :-). I gladly do my banking with the ethical, ecological, social and fully transparent German Ethikbank), am a Member of the cutting-edge Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), and (admittedly proudly) share my birthday with Albert Einstein as well as with a well-known German comedian (mmmh, scratching my head...).


In addition to loving the sun (particularly and as often as feasible in the nude) and beauty in all its forms, I appreciate good-willed honesty and truthfulness (often a rare jewel in human interactions) and soul-searching. If I had to name just one personal hero, it would be Mahatma Gandhi, but there are a number of people I admire for their outstanding contribution to humanity (particularly Fosar/Bludorf, two brilliant German holistic scientists, Daniel Meurois and Anne Givaudan, two equally brilliant explorers of the invisible realms (sadly hardly any of their dozens of amazing books have been translated into English so far), and on the humanitarian plane, Nelson Mandela. I am also very grateful to Gary Craig, founder of EFT).
I enjoy my websites (under the generous umbrella of ParadiseNow.net) helping to spread the varied information I have gained and collated with a continuously growing audience of currently approximately 1.000,000 annual visitors.

Let me hear of you if you like.

Let’s ALL (re)create Paradise for all NOW
(this is an order ;-)!


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